Up 'til Dawn
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Spirit Points
Find out how your teams can get points and be recognized at the Finale Event and all throughout the year

The Teams
See who your Morale Captain is and how much money you have raised.

Canning and Fundraising Ideas
Having trouble thinking of ways to bring in the big bucks for Up Til Dawn? Use these ideas or contact your Morale Captain or anyone on the Executive Board,

Tour Information
Want to know and see what you are raising money for? Make plans to attend a tour today...

Letter Writing
Do you have your 50 Names Fast? Find out all you need to know about the ATM/ Letter-Writing Party.

Homecoming/5K Race
Another way to participate in UTD is with the Homecoming 5K Race. Here's the deal...

Finale Information
It's time to celebrate your success. The Finale Event is our thanks to you for all your hard work. It's time to get down for twelve hours of fun, food, friends, and flushing...


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