Up 'til Dawn
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For more information on the Up Til Dawn program at Christian Brothers University, please write to our anyone on board at the following address.


Up Til Dawn

Christian Brothers University

650 East Parkway S.

Box T-4

Memphis, TN 38104

E-mail the Board

Rebecca Riser, Executive Director

Frank Ramirez, Assistant Executive Director

Sarah McDaniel, UTD Advisor

Wilson Phillips, Morale Chair

Kim Neal, Administrative Chair

John Carrico, 5K Fundraising Co-Chair

Alicia Scarborough, Letter Fundraising Co-Chair

Michael Herr, Recruitment Co-Chair

Amanda Myers, Recruitment Co-Chair

Philip Gattas, Corporate Sponsor Co-Chair

Rinki Suri, Corporate Sponsor Co-Chair

Megan Rice, Finance Chair

Brenna O'Malley, Finale Chair

Tim Miller, Catering Chair

Antony Eddy, On-Location Chair

Laura Velasco, Patient Relations Chair

Whitney Torok, Public Relations Chair



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