Presidentís Welcome

†††††††† Hello Executive Board Officers, General Members, Distinguished guests, and friends of the Black Student Association. We come together in fellowship and gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this great cause.† We are all here because we envision a better world in which your color doesnít dictate who you are or what youíre capable of achieving. We have set positive examples for others to follow and are working towards a better future, the future that we all have the power to shape. I want to stress to you all how much you all have inherently within you.† You can do great things if you believe in yourself with conviction.† With that said I also want to stress the importance of unity among our organization and in the Black community as a whole.† It is imperative that this organization function as a block.† We are not only representing ourselves but African Americans as a whole at CBU, and if we hope to attract more students of color than we must be unified.† This organization cannot be a success without the efforts of each and every one of you.† Use the talents that you have been blessed with to uplift our people.† Act as if we are the only hope.† Open up to each other, exchange ideas, goals, and aspirations and help each other work toward achieving them.† We are a team and together everyone achieves more. Help each other out knowing that even if your fellow brother or sister doesnít return the favor the universe will.† If one of us is struggling than we all are struggling.† I urge you all to continue thinking outside of the box knowing that there are a million possibilities for you and the decisions that you can make in life.† Be creative, be an activist, make a difference.† Find out the issues that are adversely affecting you and do something about them.

†††††††† †I envision CBU to be an amazing place for African American students to learn and grow.† I foresee an environment where there are actually Black professors that understand the struggles that we endure to even be university students.† I imagine a university community that is diverse and tolerant of others and their cultures and customs and embraces them.† I visualize CBU becoming a

major hub for political and social activity within the Black community in Shelby County.† I dream of an organization with ample resources to accomplish whatever endeavors we deem necessary.† I see in my mindís eye thousands of Black graduates leaving the campus of the CBU to make a difference in the world.†††

†††††††† This brings me to the incredible opportunity that I have had to directly influence the progression of this organization.† It has been one of my greatest sources of pleasure and inspiration.† I have learned so much about myself as an African American man and as a person and I feel like I have truly learned to appreciate my heritage, culture, and struggles as a result. This experience has taught me how to be an effective leader but most importantly how to follow with caution.† I have had the opportunity to form relationships with all of you whom Iím sure will do amazing things in the world and that has been a great honor.† I have had the privilege to serve and represent the Black community at CBU, setting a high standard for greatness. This experience has reassured in me a desire to fight for equal opportunity, social justice, and civil rights for our people and for all people.† It has fueled in me a spirit of activism and empowerment and idealism to make a difference the best way that I know how.† As the decisions that CBU makes directly affect us all.† Thank you all for an extraordinary opportunity to serve you and I look forward to serving you in an even larger capacity.† I wish you all the best in the future. Thank you and letís continue with the