Black Student Association Constitution



 Schedule all meetings and events

 Oversee all activities, fundraisers etc.

 Be the chairman of an event at least once

 Delegate duties to officers

 Send out voice messages for officer meetings



 Is responsible for all presidential duties when President and Co-President is not present

 Assist President and Co-President in decision making

 Be the chairman of at least one event



 Take minutes at meetings

 Send out e-mail for club announcements

 Provide President and Vice-President minutes of all meetings

 Oversee Newsletter

 Chair at least one event



 Collect dues and monies for organization

 Keep a record of club account

 Chair at least one event



 Maintain order in both executive board and general body meetings

 Chair at least one event

 Assist secretary with newsletter



 Recite opening and closing prayers at all meetings

 Chair at least one event


Web Master

 Oversee Webpage

 Chairman of at least one event


Chair of Communications

 Maintain the Bulletin Board

 Chairman of at least one event


Chair of Publications

 Crate and distribute flyers for events

 Chairman of at least one event


Obligations of Officers

 Be present at all activities

 Let the President know if there is a schedule conflict in carrying out of duties so that an arrangement can be made

 Chair at least one event

 Miss no more than three meetings and events (combined)

 Be professional at all times

 Pay dues and buy a T-shirt

 An officer can be relinquished of their title if duties are not performed and the attendance policy is violated

 Officers may be asked to perform other duties for the good of the Black Student Association, at the discretion of the President


Requirements for Membership

 Be a student at CBU

 Can be of any nationality

 Pay dues for each semester


Voting for Officers

 The candidate must be an active member of the Black Student Association

 Three-fourths of the general body must be present on election day

 Voting will take place the 3rd Thursday of April in the Spring Semester

 Voting can be done through email


Voting for Officers

  vote of the executive board are needed to amend Constitution

keep a record of what is taken out of the Constitution